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BlocksCraft is a free game similar to the über-popular Minecraft. This version, which is completely free, lets you play in creative mode, where you can build without any type of restrictions, and create an entire city building by building. You don't need to rush, just enjoy the game and build all sorts of things.

Starting to play BlocksCraft can be somewhat complicated if you've never opened a file like this one. What you have to do to open the application is click on the file called Start, and enter a username in the window that pops up. Once you accept, you have to wait for a few second for the main screen to load and access the game.

The main menu in BlocksCraft is very similar to the one in Minecraft; you just have to click on Generate Scenario. There's an endless world of possibilities for you – an entire universe beneath your feet that you have to discover using your own hands. As you discover new materials you can create weapons and other objects that let you protect yourself at night. Discover the world of Minecraft like you've never seen it before with this fun game in free creative mode.
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